15-page fanzine, laser print, A5

January 2015


This is a collection of memories, things that surprised me or made me laugh at the Engine Works, San Francisco,
a warehouse where people live and make art. First, I wrote a list and then I tried to draw something that not only illustrated but also completed my words.


Here’s the list in English :

- Capp Street, San Francisco

- the beermosa : half orange juice, half beer

- skateboarding

- the (too) small table with a lot of chairs around it

- opening the metal curtain that overlooks the street

- the extra restroom

- the 8-track Tascam

- the motorcycles parked inside

- the underground rooms without any windows

- the air mattress

- taking out / walking the plants when it's sunny

- the lasers on the ceiling - the one that doesn't move

- Brendan's "go pack" - in case of an earthquake

- the recycled glasses